ALEKSANDAR TODOROVIĆ (BiH) is a non-media specific artist and graphic designer, and has been a restless traveller for the past decade.
After studying in Düsseldorf, he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2009, with a focus on typography and a love for the bold state­ment. He has been living and working out various metropolises, including Paris, Berlin, New York, Vienna, and Belgrade.
In ALEKSANDAR’s work, he explores cultural structures and how they interact with his own multinational identity as well as with the ones of other nations he embrace. His practice is deeply rooted in his expe­rience as a second gene­ration immi­grant and migrant, exploring the cultural tensions and struc­tural shifts that occur within an ever-evolving Europe.
ALEKSANDAR now spends some time of the year based out of Bosnia & Herzegovina, where he is building a house, but it’s a life on the road that fuels most of the inspiration for his projects.
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